Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Scrappin

So here is another addition of Sunday Scrappin......a place for me to post my TaDa's and To Do's of my scrapping adventures! Well, I had my Creative Memories Christmas Open House this week and it went ok! The turnout was better than some of my get togethers in the past but not as good as I was hoping! I was SO busy getting ready that I did not do any actual scrapping this week but I am hoping to get some done this week, specifically I am hoping to continue to work on my son's book because I am insanely behind. Hope you all have a very crafty week! Come back for my latest recipe!


Amy said...

I didn't get anything done this week, either...LOL! But I did do some stamping last night, so this week is off to a better start. :)

Jenny W said...

People who know me laugh about my inability to get into scrapbooking. My OCD personality is one that detests leaving anything undone, which means scrapping for me would entail 48 sleepless hours of caffeine and tears in a frantic effort to do AN ENTIRE BOOK of pictures. I've had well-meaning friends say no, I could just do a page at a time, it's therapeutic, blah blah blah. No. It would destroy me:) I always have fun admiring other girlfriends projects though!!!

Liz said...

You are too funny Jenny! I can relate to a point...once I start I really don't want to stop....but with Isaac it is impossible to get much done (especially in one sitting) so I do what I can! It is really fun though! You should do cardmaking if you want a hands-on craft or you if you take digital pictures you could make an online storybook. All you do is plug your pics into pre-made templates and add some notes if you want too! Then you order it and they send you a bound book! I just made one for Jamie's grandparents in honor of their 60th anniversary and it was surprisingly easy and you can spend as much time as you have on it! That way you could still have an album of the girls pictures without the internal meltdown!:)