Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garage Sale Extravaganza!

HOORAY!!!! I went out last Friday with high hopes of finding a few outdoor toys for Isaac! He wants to be outside every second of the day and that means a lot of bubble blowing for his mommy! I definitely don't mind blowing bubbles and it is really fun to watch him get so excited over simple pleasures, but at some point I need him to have some outdoor toys to keep himself busy!

I did not expect to do as well as I did!!!But you can see from the pictures that I was ridiculously successful! In addition to all that is pictured, I also got a full size inflatible mattress, a jumping toy that you inflate and fill with little plastic balls, a couple of really neat puzzles, and some clothes for Isaac and a few friends' kids. I am so excited about all of my great finds!!!!!

Isaac has been so delighted to find all of these fun new things in his yard and garage!!!!


pete & natalie said...

gotta love the garage sale! hooray. we still have to go out looking together at some point. =) congrats on your finds

Elizabeth F. said...

Wow! That's incredible. Good for you and Isaac...and your budget too.

~love said...

hey liz! i'm sure isaac IS loving that! =)

hmmm....are you thinking amanda???

Qtpies7 said...


Elizabeth F. said...

You must be super tired and sick and therefore not blogging! LOL! How are ya?