Thursday, April 24, 2008

Isaac's First Flight to Colorado!!!

Pics from Top to Bottom- 10 week old Baby Tori, Isaac's first trip on a plane, Isaac adores baby Tori and is kissing her toes!, Isaac loves hiking on his harness with his auntie Mel, Isaac on mommy's shoulders (drumming on my head), Isaac and the mountains

So here is the story of my first flight and trip with Isaac!!!! First of all, I have to say I have great admiration for all moms who fly alone with their kids! It is not easy! I am pretty sure that if there had been a hidden camera I would have been on some bloopers show! Going through security- take off my shoes, take off Isaac's shoes, take laptop out of bag, take toiletries out of bag, put carseat on belt, fold up stroller and put on belt only to find out it is too big to fit through the scanner, take harness off Isaac.....all while trying to make sure Isaac doesn't run off and then walk through the metal detector and do it all in reverse while Isaac is determined to climb behind the counter and help airport security!!! Next try to board airplane with a huge toddler carseat, a large carryon and a toddler who does not want to walk in front of or behind you as you struggle to find seat on a plane without knocking anyone out with a giant carseat. Yikes! Fortunately, my fears of the plane ride itself were nothing like I had went really well and Isaac was very good for mommy!

We had a wonderful trip visiting my best friend Melanie, her husband Jeff, and their beautiful 10 week old baby girl! Mel and I haven't been able to spend that kind of quality time together in 4 years, so it was a much needed time of reconnecting! However, we found things to be much different from when we were both single now that we both have kids! Trying to figure out a time to go to the mall between both of their nap and eating schedules was rather challenging! Isaac adored Baby Tori and gave her alot of attention! This kept mommy very busy, because even though he was very sweet and gentle, you never know what a 20 month old boy might decide to try! The only downside of the trip was that Isaac decide to stop sleeping, oh yes!!! It was very interesting- he slept through the night on the 6th and final night of our trip! I am very glad to report that he is sleeping just fine now that we are home!


Jenny W said...

congrats on being brave enough to even try travelling with a less-than-2-yr-old. did you find fellow travellers helpful? i always see flustered mommies on a plane and no one offers to help. what's up people?! as an encourager, it really does get easier when they're older. i brag on my girls all the time, but man now that they're 10 and 7 they're GREAT to travel with. we go to chicago, go to the beach, go to the mall, all with them carrying their own stuff. let the world rejoice!

Elizabeth F. said...

I know what you went through. Zoe and I travelled quite a bit when John got deployed right after 9-11 happened. They had the major crackdown on security and it was horrible, taking her (around 1 yr. old) out of the stroller to out it through the scanner, almost missing connecting flights b.c I couldn't find elevators to get to the next floor b.c of the stroller, etc... And the taking the shoes off thing is just plain silly!! It looks like you had a good time though once you were there!!!

~love said...

it does get a lot easier in even just a year. we took the girls to new york this year and it wasn't bad at all. 20 months is kind of a difficult age for that though! glad you did it though...and had a good time. why am i not shocked to see isaac on a harness hiking with mel?! i love it. =)