Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Great Deals!!!!

CVS has an Extra Care Card that you can sign up for on their website or in the store. Using this card helps you save lots of money and will also give you coupons for money off your next purchase! Here is what I got today!

First, I picked out $30 of Proctor and Gamble products, all of which were already on sale, so that I could get $15 back in reward credit. I also had a coupon for the diapers. Then I had a $4 off a $20 purchase. So my total before tax was $30-$5.50= 24.50. Then I did a separate transaction for the toothpaste, soup, and detergent. The soup was on sale, B1G1 free. I had a coupon for a $1.00 off the toothpaste and $1.00 off the detergent. I used my $15 in reward credit from the previous transaction and paid 54 cents with tax!!!! I also have $4 from reward money on the toothpaste to use the next time I got! I got another print out for an additional $4 off of $20 on my receipt as well!!! YEA for bargains! Let me know what bargains you all find! Happy shopping! See my Walgreens deals below!


Jenny W said...

wowwww... very impressive! it's becomes like a game, see how much stuff we can get for no money:)

Liz said...

Yes,Jenny! It is totally a game! I was on a bargain high tonight!

Elizabeth F. said...

That's awesome!! I had a great trip to CVS last week too! Not many deals this week though.

Love the green walls...:-)

Elizabeth F. said...

It's time to blog again girl! Where's your deals? Pics of Isaac? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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